About us

We stand on the brink of a new age.

Familiar certainties and traditional approaches give way to technology driven methodologies in everyday lives and with them the skills needed for the world of tomorrow. In our subconscious we know we have to adapt to this new age, in which the key to success will be skilled driven education and knowledge for our children.

Computers and devices are essential to absorb and adapt these technologies. Professions and lifestyles indicate that there is no escape from these. And then the basic need of mastering Languages is as important as ever. Rules of Reading and Writing change, but they remain ever so essential.

abc Education with a fifteen year backdrop is best suited to facilitate the participants in this endeavour.

abc has a varied clientele, starting from the ever enthusiastic children, professionals who suddenly realize that they need to be with time, young mothers who need to help their children with school projects to grand parents who need to communicate with their children settled abroad. All in all, abc has a clientele starting from 4 year olds to 80 year olds. School going children, college students, doctors, lawyers, publishers, chartered accountants, bank employees, housewives and the elderly, all form the wide spectrum of a 1500 odd students abc has catered so far.