Life Skills Workshops @ abc

Languages & Reading Room


Reading not only improves the ability to comprehend, it also opens the young mind to imagination! Thinking cannot be restricted and reading leads to thinking! A person who reads can think, write and express in any chosen language.

A reading room with age appropriate books and indoor games to entice the young mind is where the language courses are conducted. Children enrolling for these courses automatically are able to borrow books and even get their own for sharing.


This workshop focuses on improving the handwriting of the participants in a structured method. “Print Script” writing would be the writing method used in the first one while the second one focuses on various strokes and styles of writing in the traditional cursive writing.

The participants who are in the transition age from pencil to a pen would be taught the various strokes and styles of writing in with a pen
All the stationary required would be provided.


Finding a peer group is a constant problem in today’s generation of nuclear and small families. Group games appropriate to the age groups would be conducted in this workshop. Mini tournaments would be held during the course of the workshop.

Grooming & Etiquettes


Manners and style have a direct impact on social and professional success. Why not, then start early?

We show the participants how to avoid reserving their best behavior only to impress on special occasions. Class and style inculcated into the person’s very character is integral to putting across to people all around how you respect them. That is the surest way to command respect as well.