Basic Skills Workshop will be conducted for children of age 3.5 and above. This workshop is aimed to orient first time users to computers.

This funfilled workshop (strictly no computer games) introduces the children to a variety of basic technical skills like Computers, Tablets, Devices, Images, Multimedia, Text, Presentation and more. During the sessions, the skills of English, Communication, Arts and Craft get chiseled.


This workshop focuses on different mediums of reading and expressing along with computers, tablets, phones, kindles, books, newspapers and periodicals. Conventional and non conventional mediums of communications would also be used.


Participants would be introduced to basic concepts of writing on a Computer and Keyboard. They would learn basic document preparation, editing and formatting using various devices.


Presentation skills of the participants would be chiseled and technology would be put to aid, to help them make presentations more impressive.


A workshop to learn how to put computers to use to do basic calculations and analyzing the data. Chart making technologies would be enhanced too.

The DTP Workshop gives an insight to the participants to use various computer mediums to publish different materials like Posters, Advertisements, Banners, Newsletters, Newspapers amongst many.


The workshop aims at making all the participants comfortable in handling different office tools like a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations and Drawing Tools.

Multimedia is multiple mediums used with computers. Mediums such as Audios, Videos, Graphics, Voice overs, Music form the basis of this workshop. Participants would also learn to handle different gadgets used to integrate these mediums.

The Animation workshop will give an insight to the students regarding the world of “Movements”. Participants will learn to give motion to their images. Animated Presentations, Story Boarding, Types of Motions, Sequencing etc forms an integral part of this workshop.

Participants will come with their own digital cameras. Aim of the workshop is to make participants learn handling tools to manipulate photographs, drawings, sketches and more. Concepts of touchups, merging, combining, selective merging and combining of images would be taught. Digital Camera and integration of images captured through digital cameras is included.


Participants will learn to construct websites of their own. Concepts of web pages, website planning, website building will be taught through hands on sessions with case study approach. Participants will be shown real websites to learn professional website building approach.


Students would get an overview of the Computer Subject of their applicable grade and board during this course. This would help them during the academic year with their school curriculum of Computer Subject, especially when they are busy running around with other subjects and activities.

Students would get an overview of basic programming techniques and get a flavor of Logical Thinking with Algorithms, Flowcharts and Programming in Basic.

Programming Techniques in C

This workshop takes the participants a step further into the world of programming. They learn programming in C and get to learn by a case study solving method.